Todays Entertainers are faced with, what could seem, an insurmountable dilemma.  Fewer and fewer venues have the budget to hire the proper size band needed to back the entertainer.  There is also the problem with the caliber of musicians, which can vary greatly from club to club and city to city.  Faced with these situations, how can you (the performer) put on a show that would have the consistency and quality that you deserve?

Our studio has been producing tracks for clients since 1986.  With our extensive array of synthesizers, samplers and hi-end software, we create tracks that range from a solo instrument such as a piano or guitar, to a full orchestra and everything in between.  We have produced many recordings for film scores, television commercials and accompaniment for various artists like Fred Travalena, Roslyn Kind and numerous CD's on independent labels.

Do you have a song that you would like to perform but there is no printed music available? Maybe you've found the music but its in the wrong key or the arrangement isn't right.  Just supply us with a recording and we'll not only provide the tracks for you, but the printed music as well.

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