Chris Hardin has led numerous bands for many different events over the last 30 years. These include playing jazz piano for cocktail parties, conducting an orchestra that is backing a headline act for a show, leading 4 to 15 piece bands playing any different style of music for wedding receptions and private parties, and many others. After working with one of the larger contractors (of live music) in Los Angeles for many years, Chris opened his own contracting office so that he could have more interaction with the client as well as the with musicians that are chosen for any particular event.

With regard to private parties, be it a wedding reception, backyard holiday party, birthday bash, or any type of party you can imagine, music is one of the most important elements contributing to the success of your party.  When the event is over, your guests will leave feeling this was the best party they've attended in years.

We have many different styles of music and entertainment to choose from.  Rock and Roll, Pop, Dance Band, Standard, Country, Klezmer, Ethnic, Musical Theatre, Operetta, Light Classical, Classical, String Ensemble, Woodwind and/or Brass Ensemble......all performed by the best singers, musicians and entertainers Los Angeles has to offer.

Planning Your Event:  We work closely with you, defining your needs and desires, presenting different options and generating the perfect momentum for your event.  It starts with the first phone call, progressing to as many meetings as needed so you feel comfortable with your choices.

Experience has taught us that even though the design of your party has been achieved, nothing is set in stone.  There will be changes that need to be made ....... sometimes at the event itself.  Our band leaders have dealt with these issues many times.  The ability to change and make it happen in such a way that your guests don't notice is one of our strengths.

Call us for video and audio samples of our bands. We're sure to have the right entertainment for your event.

Previous Events led by Chris Hardin:
President Bill Clinton
Mayor Richard Riordan
Tom Selleck
Goldie Hawn / Kurt Russell
Rupert Murdoch
Chuck Fries Productions
Senator Bob Dole
Governor Pete Wilson
James Garner
Mayor Tom Bradley
Michelle Lee
Henry Morgan
John Raitt
Caucus of Television Writers,
Producers and Directors
The John Wayne Cancer Foundation
Mary Kay
City of Hope
King World Productions
Evening Shade
Loyola Marymount University
California Science Center
M&M / Mars Corporation
Turner Network
Kaufman & Broad
American Jewish Committee
Ford Motor Company
Los Angeles Times
The Bold & The Beautiful
American Red Cross
National Arts Association
Columbia TriStar
Paradigm Records
Zacky Corporation
The United Way
Bet Tzedek

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